Surname Database

Submitting your ancestors surname

Send in the Details of your Vizzinesi Ancestors surnames and they will be added to this list.
This list has been created and maintained on a volunteer basis.
The only way your surnames can be added to the database is by following these instructions:

This database is located at:

1. Only send your Vizzini surnames, no other Region or town will be supported
They must be sent to the gmail email address listed on this page.
2. Format for submission of Surnames must be in the following format:
        SURNAME/Your name/Your Location

3. The database will be updated as often as possible. If you do not see your surname in the database, it was not added to the database for one or more of the following reasons:
  • incomplete information,
  • you did not provide your name (first and last name please)
  • incorrect format of data to be added.
  • your email was not received.
  • the ancestor was not from Vizzini
  • you did not provide your location

4. If your surnames were not added , please check your submission detail, correct any problems and resend them using the
email address on this page.
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Contacting a Submitter

To contact a submitter, please send an email to this website with details of the surname and person you would like to contact, so long as they have an active email address.
Thank you

Last Updated: 2015-03-20 (If you can not see the list below then visit the following link)

To help us search for our Vizzinesi Ancestors